you can embrace yourself as you are, flaws and all human pheromones

If you’re overweight you can either loose weight and improve your self-esteem or you can embrace yourself as you are, flaws and all human pheromones. Pheromone Authority: Cultivating the trait of authority enhances credibility and in turn the degree to which we are able to seduce. We assume the police officer knows the law, we assume the professor is more educated than we are, we assume our travel agent knows the best local attractions, and so on and so on. Learn more at and, we naturally assign power to authority figures because we perceive them as experts and as such their ability to persuade us increases since they aren’t burdened with needing to prove what they are saying. What authorities say is taken at face value and is accepted more readily. Authorities speak the truth. Being perceived as an authority is a shortcut used in seduction to bypasses common objections of human pheromones. You can either spend time trying to seduce a girl, and you may or may not be successful, or you can simply be seductive naturally. The first step to becoming an authority is you have to have your own opinions and express them in a self-assured way. Most people do not do this and simply seek to align themselves with others so as to not risk upsetting them with true pheromones. This approach might help in the short term, but will ultimately fail. Being knowledgeable and speaking consistently about your area of expertise, the second step, makes you an authority figure within that sphere of knowledge. A simple way to quickly become an authority figure is to teach someone a thing of value no matter how small. This is the third step in becoming an authority. The high five, elbow trick, is an excellent example of pheromone attraction. Another example would be educating a woman on hidden sexual techniques while subtly implying you not only read about this material, but have also gained mastery. “But, I’m not an expert.” I know you’re thinking that right now, but what you haven’t taken the time to stop and consider is what being an expert really means. An expert is a person possessing more knowledge on a given subject than the people around them. So, you have to be more knowledgeable on a given subject than those around you and you must know enough about the subject to hold a conversation on that topic. That’s it. Being an expert isn’t about being an actual expert, but being perceived as one. Warning: Beware of expert pitfalls. The danger in expertise, especially with subjects, which require a good deal of research, is the temptation to share everything you know about that subject. This will only bore people with cheap pheromone scents. You might say to yourself, “So, I’m fat, so what? Women love a guy with a potbelly. Prosperity, and all that.” She will see that you are completely comfortable with who you are despite your flaws and be helplessly drawn into a state of awe. Learn more at

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